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Because We Love Our Customers...

FREE Valentine Downloads!

We at Sir Troy's Toy Kingdom appreciate all of your brick loving fans and wanted to show our appreciation this Valentine's Day by giving a fun freebie!  We've designed these fun printables for you to enjoy.  We hope they bring a smile to your Valentine's face.


Directions and downloads below.



1. Simply download the printable of your choice. Most of the larger printables are pictured with Minifigs attached and smaller printables are pictured with bricks attached.


2. Print on card stock or heavy paper.


3. Cut out the Valentine's.


4. Mount on colored paper or just use them as they are.


5. Poke 2 small holes about 1/2" apart. We used an exacto knife for this.*


6. Thread string or ribbon through the hole and tie either a LEGO® brick or Minifig to the Valentine.


7. Don't forget to sign!


*Please make sure the use of an exacto knife or scissors is supervised by an adult.

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